CRM and fundraising database integrations

Impact Stack offers complete flexibility in how your data will flow into your CRM system. That puts you in control over how to integrate which data.

Impact Stack offers seamless CRM integrations

You can use Impact Stack to mobilise supporters and raise money. In any case you will collect contact information of existing and new supporters.

Impact Stack offers two different options to integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system:

  1. CRM provider uses the Impact Stack API (webhooks) to send and receive data in almost real-time.
  2. Our team works with you to integrate the API of your CRM system, so Impact Stack can send and receive data via the CRM API.

But many organisations don't have a CRM yet or are in transition between systems. Therefore we offer simple CSV file exports that will be shared with you via a secure folder. From there you or your data team can download and import the data. You can even automate this process by accessing this secure folder using scripts.

Impact Stack offers standard CSV file exports that will contain all data from forms, contact records and activities.

You can also contract us to develop a custom file format to get those CSV file exports to perfectly match the format you need for importing or further processing.

What type of supporter data does Impact Stack have?

Impact Stack stores three types of data:  form submission data, contact records and activity data.

Form submissions are data that saves everything supporters put in when they submit forms (such as online petitions, donation pages, etc.). This data file may contain a large number of fields, depending on the fields you add to your Impact Stack forms.

Contact records are structured data where core information about each individual supporter is saved (such as their name, address, email, opt-in). A contact record is updated every time new data comes in eg if the same individual fills in another form with the same email address, their contact record will be updated.

Activities contain a time stamp and allow you to link contact records with form submissions. This type of data is particularly helpful to track opt-ins or when using behaviour-based segmentation.

Your CRM integration needs

As you can see Impact Stack offers a range of different options to integrate your CRM. If you would like to discuss how we can integrate your CRM, get in touch!

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