Email to target datasets

Impact Stack offers two types of datasets for email to target actions: custom datasets; and pre-defined, postcode-mapped datasets for the UK.

Custom datasets

You can add any custom dataset you'd like using Impact Stack's easy to use interface, either manually one at a time (for smaller datasets) or using the CSV uploader (a time-saver for larger datasets). Within your custom datasets you can also use groups to create targeted messages within your dataset.

For example, if you were looking to target the board of a company, you could create different template messages for supportive board members, unsupportive board members and the chairperson.

Pre-defined geographical datasets

We also have a selection of pre-defined, postcode-mapped datasets for the UK, which you can use for your email to target actions. These datasets allow a supporter to enters their postcode and be matched with the right target for their local area.

If you’re interested in creating actions using datasets for other countries and postal systems, please contact us.

The following UK datasets are included in Impact Stack subscriptions, and updated by us.

  • MPs
  • Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Senedd Cymru - Parliament of Wales
  • Councillors
  • Council leaders
  • Greater London Assembly
  • Chairs of CCGs and equivalent bodies (not frequently updated - please contact us before using this dataset)

For each dataset you can tailor a message to the target, exclude a target, or redirect a user to another page.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like a demo.

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