The path to GDPR-readiness for campaigning and fundraising

With this blogpost we'll show you how Impact Stack can help you become GDPR-ready.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, putting more responsibility on organisations to take care of the data they hold about people, and giving individuals more control over how their data is stored and used.

How Impact Stack will be GDPR compliant

We’ve been looking at how Impact Stack can best help our clients comply with the new requirement, and also make the most of the changes as a chance to build trust and transparency with their audiences.

Listening to our users, and understanding their different needs, we’re working on a range of responses, from changes to ensure forms are optimised to gain active opt ins, through to data expiry, access to historical opt in information and refreshed documentation.

GDPR - a challenge and an opportunity

GDPR will make certain aspects of digital campaigning and fundraising more challenging. For example, in the case of lead generation, the requirement for GDPR compliant opt-ins are likely to result in a reduced number of new email subscribers.

But we think GDPR also offers great opportunities for the charity and campaigning sector.

Organisations will need to develop better data management systems, and think more carefully about data that is being collected. Clear opt-in statements and permission management will build transparency and trust, with the chance to build stronger relationships with supporters.

While the number of opt-ins might go down there’s potential for more active, deeper engagement with these new supporters because they have actively chosen to be in touch with your cause.

GDPR: how Impact Stack can put you in control

Organisations need to implement GDPR in different ways: for example, a health charity might need to make changes that an environmental nonprofit does not have to consider.

With that in mind we’re introducing changes to our campaigning and fundraising software that put the organisation in charge.

Some features will simply enable GDPR compliance for your organisation. In these areas we’re introducing best practices, such as storing optin data along with the exact copy that supporters have opted-in to.

Consistency across all organisations we’re working with makes integrations and data management at your end much easier.

In other areas, such as opt-out logic, we will allow you to implement GDPR in the way that works for your organisation. You can specify how opt-ins and opt-outs work in detail.

Freedom From Torture Phone Opt-In

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