Refugee Council: Integrating campaigning and donation asks

Refugee Council use Impact Stack functionality to sequence campaigning and fundraising asks, and collect consent for multi-channel supporter journeys, increasing income and boosting their impact.

When a supporter has just taken action, they’re actively engaged with you, so asking for a donation following a campaigning action can be very effective.  

An integrated on-page user journey

Impact Stack allows you to ‘daisy-chain’ forms together, prefilling form fields so that the supporter doesn’t have to re-enter data they’ve already just given you. This means you can present a donation form on the ‘thank you’ page, or as an overlay which appears over the thank you page.

Refugee Council tried this out, prompting for a donation via an overlay (see above) over the thank you page of a campaign action, instantly converting 1.64% of their 63,000 action takers.

Converting to financial support via phone

Refugee Council also tested calling people who took an action and opted into phone contact, with an 11% conversion rate to a regular gift via direct debit. They have since scaled up this activity, with continued success.

They used standard functionality in Impact Stack to capture the consent to contact via phone as part of giving a phone number. This keeps the form simple, and improves data quality (ie no phone numbers are recorded without consent to use them).