The campaign tactics generator

Successful campaigns need a good strategy and creative ideas for tactics. Our idea generator can help you spark new ideas or reshape old ones.

Campaign tactics idea generator
Generate ideas for digital tactics you can use in your advocacy campaigns

How can I come up with creative ideas for tactics?

It's simple: press the green button and you will get:

  1. A suggestion for a tactic
  2. A suggestion for an external hook to combine with your tactic

For an example you might end up with a suggestion like this one:

If you campaign is about micro-plastic you could identify a sporting event that is sponsored by your target (maybe a multi-national chemical company heavily involved in the fossil fuel industry?).

You could host a digital contest where supporters can produce their own sports commentary while filming plastic pollution. Which piece of plastic in the environment will win the "BAYER micro-plastic pollution award"?

You can use the campaigns tactic generator as a tool for ideation. Use the suggestions as prompts in brainstormings. For example, you could ask "How can I pressure my target with a mock award?"

Include audiences in the brainstorm

If you would like to introduce another layer to the ideation session you can separately brainstorm a list of audiences that might be relevant for your campaign.

Place the name of each audience you would like to use for brainstorming on a card and mix them. Hit the "generate idea" button on the tactics generator and draw a card with an audience.

This way you can spark ideas that are directly relevant to your audience.

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Who is behind the tactics generator?

The campaign tactics generator is a pet project by Florian Engel, the Managing Director at more onion and the product manager of Impact Stack (the platform for digital mobilisation).

The list of tactics has been inspired by 198 methods of non-violent action and many great minds from the campaigning forum community as well as participants of the Impact Space conference.

Can you help us find good tactics?

Our team at more onion frequently facilitates creative ideation sessions, supports organisations with campaigns strategy and using Impact Stack we can provide technology solutions that bring your tactic to life.

Contact us for more information!

"I have an idea for a hook or a tactic"

Please send us your ideas for tactics, hooks and any feedback via this form. We'd love to hear from you!

The more people send in their suggestions, the better the generator will be.

Case studies for each tactic

Do you know of case studies for some tactics? Examples of external hooks that are really worth featuring?

Please send us links and descriptions so we can gradually extend the tactics generator with real-world examples.