Web analytics and tracking integrations

Integrate Impact Stack with the analytics and tracking systems you already use.

Web analytics simplified

Impact Stack enables you to easily integrate your web analytics system of choice. For the most popular systems Impact Stack will automatically send the right data to your web analytics system.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

A good example is the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations. In both cases Impact Stack will send data as 'events' whenever someone submits a form, clicks on a share link or makes a donation.

This way you can watch what's happening on your online actions and donation pages and optimise your conversion rates. By tracking the share rate you can also optimise your pages for organic growth.

Facebook Pixel integration

When running ads on Facebook you'll want to optimise every ad for impact. Our Facebook Pixel integration enables you to track exactly who comes to your actions and pages from your Facebook ads, how many new supporters you have recruited and what the cost per new email opt-in is.

This data can then be used to optimise the performance of your ad campaigns within Facebook business manager.

Your campaigning and fundraising data in business intelligence integrations tools

The data collected via Impact Stack can be easily exported and visualised in a range of other tools. We can provide you with a custom analytics database that can be connected to popular data visualisation and business intelligence tools.

Custom dashboards

If you have a particular idea or you need support with data analysis our team can help you set up custom dashboards showing the exact data you need to make a decision.

Contact us to discuss your campaigning and fundraising data analytics needs.

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