Training webinar: introducing great new Impact Stack features

Our webinar takes you through these new features in detail, showcasing how you can use them to boost your opt in rates, provide an improved user experience for your supporters, and extend your campaign’s reach.

Conditional redirects

Also called conditional thank you pages, this new functionality allows you to direct users to a different page after submitting a form, based on their opt in status, or on values they submitted in the form. There’s documentation on the new conditional redirect functionality here, or you can find out more in the webinar.

Improved opt in fields

Our new opt in fields offer you more control and choice over how you collect consent to contact on your Campaignion forms. You can read more about the options for configuring opt in fields here, or watch the webinar to see examples.

Enhanced sharing options

As well as new standalone share pages for you to use with conditional redirects (above) we’re rolling out some great improvements in the options for mobile sharing.

Email share buttons will be able to offer a ‘mailto:’ link, if the user is on a device where an email client is configured, and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger options can be offered to users on a mobile device.

You can see these in action in the webinar.