World Animal Protection: targeted email campaigns

World Animal Protection used Impact Stack’s email to target functionality to highlight opposition to one of the UK’s last wildlife markets, and put pressure on the venue’s management to bring it to an end.

For over two years World Animal Protection campaigned to stop one of the UK’s final reptile markets, held four times a year at Doncaster Racecourse. At each event thousands of captive-bred wild animals suffered, trapped in tiny plastic boxes and sold into a lifetime of misery.

One action encouraged supporters to contact the Racecourse management directly, using a custom dataset of target emails. Another recent action filtered supporters to separate actions depending on where they lived. People local to the racecourse were put in touch with their Councillor,  using the postcode-mapped Councillors dataset provided by Impact Stack, and others could contact the Doncaster Mayor.

Due to the backlash from local people, nationwide condemnation and a media spotlight on the market, Doncaster Racecourse will no longer host the event after their contractual obligations end in June 2022.

"This is a huge win, and one which couldn’t be achieved without us being able to mobilise our supporters to take action. Impact Stack has been a vital tool in building local and national support for the campaign.”
- Sean Robinson, Digital Marketing Officer