Digital advocacy and mobilisation platform for Salesforce

You are already using Salesforce or planning on rolling it out for your organisation? That’s exciting! Impact Stack can integrate with Salesforce giving you the full range of features of both platforms.

Impact Stack follows a “best in class” technology approach so your organisation can stay agile.

What's Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM and database platforms in the world. Many charities and non-profits use Salesforce to keep their supporter and donor contact information up to date and various other systems, such as an email marketing tool, synchronised.

Impact Stack adds advocacy and mobilisation features to Salesforce

With a dedicated campaigning and advocacy tool such as Impact Stack you can launch new actions, mobilise your supporters and pressure your opponents.

Launching a petition is a matter of minutes and with integrations all your supporter data will be automatically synced with Salesforce. This way you have the best system for petitions and the best system of email marketing.

With our flexible “themes” you can  get on-brand, high-converting landing pages designed by experts.

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How the integration with Salesforce works

Impact Stack collects supporter data via forms and creates new contact records for each supporter. You can automatically synchronise this data with your Salesforce CRM to ensure you have the most recent data in your database.

In case of legacy systems you can always use our CSV-file export system to extract data and import it into other systems once a day.

But integrations such as the Salesforce integration mean that all data captured by Impact Stack will be transferred to your Salesforce CRM within minutes. Using custom Salesforce objects you can capture the data from Impact Stack and create your own rules about the data processing.

Of course, Impact Stack will match contact records and new supporters will receive a new record in Salesforce.

How Impact Stack can help your organisation

Impact Stack is a platform for digital mobilisation. Charities, unions and non-profits across the UK and Europe use our platform to create real-world impact.

You can launch online actions, such as petitions, donation pages and grow your supporter base.

But you will benefit from the same smooth data flows when using  Impact Stack for other touchpoints such as event registrations, simple surveys and contact forms.

Our platform is built to play well with all the tools you already love and use. Through our integrations with tools such as Salesforce data is never trapped in one system. You can automate your data flows and spend more time thinking about how to engage your supporters instead.

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