Amazing experiences and supporter journeys with Impact Stack

Whether you’re looking to grow your list or engage your existing supporters, our seamless email marketing integrations make it a breeze.

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An experience tailored to your supporters

Do you want to create personalised experiences for your supporters that respond to who they are and what they've done? With Impact Stack it's easy to create tailored on-page and onward email journeys, making sure that the right supporters see the right ask and the right content at the right time.

Smooth data flows and tailored on-page experiences make it easy to design segmented and integrated journeys that put the supporter at the centre. Read on to learn more, or you can:

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Seamless email marketing integrations

With Impact Stack you will have the power of seamless email marketing integrations at your finger tips. Supporter data and segmentation data will automatically flow into your email tool.

Of course new opt-ins and opt-outs are also taken care of.

Learn more about the Impact Stack email marketing integrations.

On-page user journeys

Great supporter journeys are not just about email. The experience supporters have when landing on your online actions and donation pages and what happens after they have participated are equally important.

Impact Stack allows you to redirect supporters to different pages based on the data provided in the forms. For example, if a supporter chooses not to opt-in you can redirect them to a different 'thank you page' and ask again with a different framing.

Independent Age uses redirects to provide another opportunity to opt-in to email updates

Integrating campaigning and fundraising using on-page user journeys

Since Impact Stack offers both campaigning and fundraising tools, you can integrate different types of asks very effectively.

After taking action you can send all, or a segment, of your supporters to a page asking them for a donation instead of sharing the action. Through this highly targeted journey you can maximise the number of donations while also getting supporters to share your action.

Charity donation page

Engagement actions and quizzes

Impact Stack enables you to create all kinds of engagement actions, surveys, volunteer forms and quizzes.

Using our easy to use 'drag and drop' form builder you can put together forms that match exactly what you need.

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